gloria - Bolt bus has nasty uneducated, drivers.

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 1 comment

Many times this drivers treat passengers like they are not only in charge but as if you just have to look and shut the *** Up..very nasty attitude..this morning in the 10:45 am from nyc to Philadelphia the driver wanted to put a very big microwave oven on the top compartments of the bus, since did not fit, she wanted to leave it in the middle on the way for anybody to be able to move.

When a few of us complain about safety issues, she scream loud and told us, "Im the driver and any of you will tellme what to do. Nasty rud ***.

Something happens and your company will be sued.Will that be better?


Truckee, California, United States #636222

*** is as *** does

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